Health & Biosecurity

We understand the importance of health and biosecurity and that keeping pathogens out of the food chain begins with the primary breeder.

Our protocols meet and/or exceed all official regulations for the trade of poultry breeding stock, and minimize disruptions to the supply of breeding stock to our customers.

Designed to prevent the introduction and spread of disease-causing agents, rigorous biosecurity protocols are in place at all our facilities worldwide. Everyone and everything that come into contact with our birds are guided by these strict standards, and the movement of people, stock, and equipment within the production operations is closely controlled.

Education and training are essential to every aspect of our operations, and biosecurity is no exception. Our dedicated colleagues and contractors are thoroughly trained, and adherence to our biosecurity standards is closely supervised by specialized poultry veterinarians and microbiologists. We continuously improve our guidelines along with evolving science-based methodologies.

Ongoing investment in state-of-the-art facilities

Because of our commitment to a continuous investment program in infrastructure, our 260+ production facilities located across the globe are designed to meet the highest standards of biosecurity, bird welfare, and performance, integrating advanced equipment and systems technology.

Our dedicated elite farms and hatcheries are equipped with the industry’s most sophisticated environmental control systems, ensuring a consistent selection environment and ongoing advancement in product performance. And, our single-age great-grandparent and grandparent farms provide hatching eggs to breeder hatcheries, facilitating the export of superior day-old poultry stock through our global distributor network.

Furthermore, our modern feed processing facilities and veterinary laboratories enable comprehensive health status monitoring and mitigate the risk of infection from disease.

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